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Three Bone Theatre is committed to being an anti-racist, inclusive and accessible theatre company.


At Three Bone Theatre our mission is to use theatre as a catalyst for conversation and change in our community. The work we produce focuses on stories that disrupt the traditional theatrical canon and center the lives of people who have historically not been represented on stage.


We believe that in order to successfully serve our mission it is critical that we approach our work through a lens of equity. The purpose of these initiatives is to take actionable steps towards being an anti-racist, inclusive, and accessible theatre company. To hold ourselves accountable and to provide a transparent resource for the Charlotte community to hold us accountable.

Our 2022-2023 Equity plan

Click the image below to see the details of our Equity, Access, and Inclusion Plan.

Updated 2022-2023 Equity Plan copy.jpg

recent Steps

Actionable steps taken recently by Three Bone Theatre. Last Update: January 2023

  • December 2022 - Complete the North Carolina Arts Council LEAD cohort focused on Disability and the Arts

  • January 2023 - Launch Equity Initiative web page

  • January 2023 - Arts Access NC Disability Awareness training for Andy and the Orphans cast and creative team

  • January 2023 - Community Building Initiative Bus Tour and follow up discussion. (Three Bone Theatre Board of Directors)


Below are resources we rely on for guidance, inspiration, and support.

Click each tile to learn more, get involved, and donate to these organizations.

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