Auditions for the Charlotte premiere of Toni Stone

An original play by Lydia R. Diamond

Directed by Dr. Corlis Hayes

There will be ten performances:

August 19-20 at 8 p.m.

August 21 at 2 p.m.

August 25-27 at 8 p.m.

September 1-3 at 8 p.m.

September 4 at 2 p.m.

Performances will be held at the Arts Factory at West End Studios


Auditions will be May 22 from 4:00-7:00pm and May 23 from 6:00-9:00pm. If necessary, callbcks will be held on May 24.

If you are unable to audition during this time, please contact Robin Tynes-Miller at to discuss alternative arrangements.



Auditions will be held at the Three Bone Theatre rehearsal space at
4119-E Rose Lake Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217.  This is an office park with ample parking in front of the building.


Rehearsals will be primarily scheduled during evenings and weekends. Depending on availability, some daytime rehearsals could be scheduled. Please provide any known conflicts between May 24-September 3.

Audition Process

  • Auditions will be held in 30 minute sessions with groups of up to five people.

  • Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be posted below for advance review.

  • All auditionees are required to show proof of full COVID19 vaccination when they arrive and wear a mask. You will not be able to audition without your proof of vaccination.

Registration Process

In order to respect everyone's time, all auditioners are asked to reserve an audition timeslot and submit their details in advance. To register for your audition, please complete the following steps:

1. Use this Sign Up Genius to reserve your 30 minute audition slot:

2. Complete the online audition form at least 48 hours before your scheduled audition time: 

About The Play


A vibrant new play about staying in the game, playing hard, playing smart and playing your own way

Declared the Best New Play of 2019 by The Wall Street Journal, this sensational theatrical event knocks it out of the park with this incredible true story.


History is filled with trailblazers and Toni Stone was one of them. Considered a pioneer, Toni Stone is the first woman to play baseball in the Negro Leagues, also making her the first woman to play professionally in a men’s league in the 1950s. Against all odds, Stone shattered expectations and created her own set of rules in the male-dominated sports world.

This show contains adult language and themes, including trauma to women and Black people, recommended for ages 16+


Roles Available

These characters are male- and female-presenting but are open to actors of all gender identities. Actors of all gender identities and abilities/disabilities are encouraged to audition.

There are nine roles available.

Indianapolis Clowns Players (All Black male actors, except for Toni)

All actors will play the Baseball players and various other characters to be determined by the director. Once a” Player” is assigned a role, they play that role consistently. See details on the characters below.


The Baseball Players:

Toni Stone (28-35 yrs. old, Black female)- highly personable, very athletic; she excelled in swimming, track , baseball and even football. She is first of three women to play baseball full-time for the “Clowns” and first woman to play as a regular in American Baseball League Professional Baseball Team.


Spec Beebop (Black male)- short on legs, but long on brains; according the players he could have been a University Professor: read & keep his books with him


Rufus Mc Neal (Black male)- called “The Utility Man”; he can play all positions


Jimmy Wilkes (Black male)- the greenest of all, plays flashy, play hard and sometimes plays stupid


Willie Brown (Black male)- plays left field; on the field he’s solid-otherwise he pretty much in his own world where a bottle keep him company; called “Drunk Willie”


Stretch (Black male)- the catcher, team manager and coach; does not matter where the ball goes, it gonna end up in his glove & he ain’t gone move an inch

Woody Bush (Black male)- the Coach; very opinionated; traditionalist; sexist

Elzie Marshall (Black male)- the pitcher/ toughest left hander; very popular with the “ladies” but he is “feminine”

King Tut (Black male)- the clown, a comic genius; most famous in the Negro Leagues, some say he is an institution

**Non –Baseball Players: these two major characters are to be played by the Black ballplayers;


Alberga (64 years old, Black male)- a young looking, confident, sexy 64 yrs .old black businessman; Toni’s eventual husband; WWI Veteran


Millie (anywhere between mid-thirties to late forties, Black)- Toni’s "female” confidant.

Audition Sides

Click the link below to download a pdf of the monologue/side.

Please note, the characters of Millie, Alberga, Coach Gabby, Umpire, Mother and Father O'Keefe will be played by the same actors that are playing the baseball players.