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Auditions for the Southeastern premiere of Thoughts of a Colored Man

By Keenan Scott II

Directed by Sidney Horton

There will be ten performances:

May 3 - 18

Performances will be held at the Arts Factory at West End Studios


Sunday, March 10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Monday, March 11 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.



Watershed Charlotte

2101 Shenandoah Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Free Parking on site


  • Rehearsals will start the week of March 25

  • Rehearsals will typically be in the evenings Monday - Thursday until tech week

  • No conflicts April 24 - May 19

Audition Process

  • Read through the character descriptions below!

  • Sign up for a 15 minute time slot for your audition

  • Fill out your audition form (attach any headshot or resume if available)!

  • Look over the selected sides (posted below) 

  • Each audition will include an introduction, your readings of the sides, and any redirects from the director

  • We will notify everyone auditioning, either way, before a cast list is announced.


  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before your audition time to check in, breathe, get water and be comfortable

  • Read over the sides before your audition

  • Be yourself! We want to work with great people, so while we're also interested in your character choices, we want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible and show us your personality!

  • First audition? Don't worry! You're going to do great. Email us at if you have any questions!

About The Play

New York Times Critics Pick
NOMINEE- 2022 Outer Critics Circle Awards: John Gassner Playwriting Award

Dawn breaks in Brooklyn, and seven Black men rise to meet the day. One of them, a finance director, leaves his luxurious condo to jog around their rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, just as a grocery-store clerk is starting another soul-crushing shift. At the bus stop, two best friends debate the intricacies of modern dating, while a basketball coach at the youth center grapples with his unrealized potential. At the hospital, a teacher and his father-in-law welcome a new life. And at the barbershop, the whole group meets for cuts and conversation as sparks fly over questions of identity and community.


Thoughts of a Colored Man weaves spoken word, slam poetry and rhythm into a mosaic of the inner lives of Black men. Described as “A New American Play for a New Broadway”, Thoughts of a Colored Man celebrates the hopes, ambitions, joys, and triumphs of Black men in a world that often refuses to hear them.

Thoughts of a Colored Man contains strong adult language, adult themes around race, and descriptions and depictions of anti-Black sentiments and violence. Recommend for ages 16+.


Character Breakdown

  • We practice identity conscious casting! We consider the complexities of identities integral to the characters. Genders/Races/Ages of the characters are included in the descriptions.

  • Actors of all ages, genders, sizes, abilities/disabilities, and other identities are invited to audition for these roles.

  • All roles are paid and non-union. The stipend for this project is $590

We will cast 7 actors.

LOVE, 18, college student. Poet by trade. Young in every sense of the word. He’s a sneakerhead and dresses like the youth of now, he cares about his clothes. Shy in certain situations. Needs to be well versed with the language of poetry.

LUST, 20, retail worker. Heavy New York accent. Charming and naturally flirtatious. Purehearted. As carefree as he is reckless. His words are unrefined, and he has no filter. He is highly sexual and addicted to women and has enough confidence to go around.

ANGER, 25, youth coach/part-time barber. A former collegiate basketball player that is an academic in disguise. He carries a chip on his shoulder. Has a rawness to him. Must have the energy of SLAM poetry during poetic scenes.

DEPRESSION, 28-30, grocery store clerk. An astute survivor. A true neighborhood guy at heart. Highly intelligent and steady; equally comfortable in multiple different environments, can adapt to his surroundings, but at times he exposes himself to be socially awkward.

PASSION, 35, teacher. A scholar from the inner city. A seasoned guy who has seen a lot in his life and is very in tune with the world around him. He has an articulate but edgy presence. He possesses the spirit of ancestral orators. Must be rhythmically inclined and fluent with poetic verse.

HAPPINESS, late 30s-early 40s, financial director. An upper-middle- class man originally from the South. Aman who happens to be gay, but his sexuality does not rule his life, nor does he wear it on his sleeve. He has a polished look and demeanor with Ivy League schooling. A dressed-down casual Brooks Brothers man. He's externally unapologetic, but deeply caring internally.

WISDOM, 60-65, shop owner/entrepreneur. A man of dark complexion, African born. An immigrant to the United States. His accent has weakened over time. Heavy thinking man. Regal and confident, but equally humble. He has a calm presence and possesses a strength only age can bring.

Audition Sides

Sides will be posted soon!

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