Auditions for the Charlotte premiere of Dada Woof Papa Hot

Written by Peter Parnell

Directed by Sidney Horton

There will be six evening performances on May 28-30 and June 4-6 at 8:00pm. 

Performances will be held at the Duke Energy Theatre at Spirit Square.


Auditions will be March 11 and 13 from 6:30-9:30pm 

If you are unable to audition during this time, please contact Robin Tynes-Miller at to discuss alternative arrangements.



Auditions will be held at the Three Bone Theatre rehearsal space at
4119-E Rose Lake Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217.  This is an office park with ample parking in front of the building.

Audition Process

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be posted below for advance review. Please bring a resume, headshot, and list of all conflicts for March 14-June 6.

In order to respect everyone's time, all auditioners are asked to reserve a 10 minute timeslot.    Please use this Sign Up Genius to reserve your spot: 

About The Play


#LoveWins, or so the marriage equality campaign has decreed. But then what happens?


It’s a fall night in New York City, and two couples who recently met at a parents group are out to dinner at the hot new restaurant. The foursome share photos of their kids, trade war stories from preschool applications, and discuss their work. Alan and Rob & Scott and Jason find plenty of common ground as gay couples raising kids in the city, and a play-date with their children is set. As we follow these couples through their developing friendship, the conversation deepens from after-school pick up to the cracks in their marriages. Dada Woof Papa Hot smartly captures the upper class urban parent experience, particularly at this cultural moment.


The regional premiere of Dada Woof Papa Hot, written by Peter Parnell, is presented by Three Bone Theatre under the direction of Sidney Horton.


Dada Woof Papa Hot contains adult language and themes and is recommended for ages 16+.


"Mr. Parnell’s play smartly explores the complex emotional and sexual dynamics of relationships, gay and straight, and how they can evolve (or devolve), once the responsibilities of raising children factors into the equation.” -The New York Times


Roles Available

There are seven roles available. All characters are upper middle-class parents trying to navigate the jungle that is cut-throat NY private school parenting while trying to hold on to their lives and identities pre-kids. Each character is messy and trying to navigate the heteronormative relationship stages: marriage, parenting, separation. 


We are actively seeking actors of color for any of the roles. These characters are male- and female-presenting but this does not limit actors of all gender identities to audition. Actors of all racial and ethnic identities, gender identities and abilities/disabilties are encouraged to audition.

Alan - (male, 50s), married to Rob and has a 3 year old daughter, Nikki. Not sure if he's a good dad...or a good husband...or good at the life he's living. Seeking something more.


Rob - (male, 40s), married to Alan and has a 3 year old daughter, Nikki. Very paternal. Very domestic. Living the American Dream. Working to stabilize his ideal family.


Scott - (male, mid 30s), married to Jason, buttoned up, republican


Jason - (male, mid 30s), married to Scott, looser, sexy and mysterious


Michael - (male, 40s - 50s), married to Serena and having an affair with Julia


Serena - (female, 40s - 50s) married to Michael


Julia - (female, mid 30s - 50s) Actress in an unhappy marriage with 3 young boys. Having an affair with Michael



Audition Sides

Side 1: Rob/Alan          Side 2: Michael/Alan            Side 3: Alan/Jason

Side 4: Alan                Side 5: Julia/Michael/Alan     Side 6: Scott/Rob/Jason/Alan

Side 7: Rob/Michael/Serena/Alan

Contact Us:

(704) 559-9051

Charlotte, NC


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